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Institute for New Media Studies.

Institute for New Media Studies


The Institute for New Media Studies is a center for creation, innovation, and examination of content and messages and the effects of new media technologies and techniques on forms and functions. The goal is the imagining and testing of innovative forms, development of new knowledge about functions, and generation of greater understanding of the impacts of these changes in the media landscape.

On Jan. 1, 2011, the INMS and Minnesota Journalism Center merged. The result is a new, dynamic and innovative Minnesota Journalism Center that focuses on helping media organizations adapt to the ever-evolving media landscapes. Log onto to learn more.


Minnesota Jobs Skills Partnership
Training newsroom and advertising staff in new media technologies.

Playing the News
A Knight Foundation grant to develop and test games for news information delivery and greater community engagement.

New Media Research Network
The network is a platform for new media researchers to connect, communicate and collaborate.

A comprehensive approach to evaluating digital story forms.

Event Series

Multimedia News Producers Workshop
An annual workshop teaching skills in cutting edge storytelling technologies.

New Media Research @ UMN
An annual conference showcasing the best in new media research at the U.

New Media Research Breakfast
A breakfast meeting series showcasing innovative new media research happening at the U.

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